Sports merchandising, ticket sales and much more with live shopping

Sport and live shopping: excitement for the game and passion for your team taken to the next level

The sport sector and live shopping technology make a great team. Both seek to arouse emotions and generate passion in spectators/viewers and fans. What better time to sell or renew a season ticket than during a live session to relive the highlights from the last season with fans? What better time to start selling merchandise for the latest star signing than during a live show to reveal them as a new player for the team? The same occurs with the e-commerce sector for sports merchandising, where often impulsive purchases are increased when accompanied by technical explanations about the suitability of materials, types of footwear, accessories, components or nutritional supplements. Now, with Live Shopping technology, the best live selling shows can also be created very easily and all your merchandising can be sold via shoppable videos, and all thanks to the people who actually wear the shirts. If you are engaged in the sports industry, our white paper contains everything you need to know about live shopping: from its origins to the most recent data, including the various formats and major success stories.

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