Live Shopping

Easily create live video selling shows.

Entertain, build customer loyalty and send your e-commerce metrics through the roof with our Livestream Shopping technology.


Whatever your marketing goals may be, you can achieve them more easily with our Shopping Live technology. Attract customers, engage with them, build customer loyalty, boost your brand, get to know your customers better and, of course, improve conversion rates to sell more. Live Shopping is the next evolution in e-commerce.


Combine the best marketing and sales practices from the physical channel with all the interactivity and convenience of the digital channel.

If you are looking for new ways to increase conversion rates, live shopping events will not only let you boost your online sales but you will also be able to replicate the customer experience in a physical shop through the power of video marketing and live shopping.



Figures by adding all the advantages of the physical channel to your website.

– More individual attention and personalised selling to boost confidence and build loyalty in your online customers.

– The chance to properly get to know your product so they genuinely consider buying it. Show people where it comes from, its characteristics, the details that make it special. Offer tips and ideas on how best to use it. You can even provide product demonstrations or a tutorial on installation and assembly. And all of this in real time. Make the most of video marketing for e-commerce with Shopping Live.

– Two-way communication for answering questions and queries about the product, shipping methods, returns policy, your prices and more, on the fly… Increase your e-commerce conversion rate and reduce your returns rate with your own online teleshopping platform.

– Launch exclusive, limited-time and real-time offers and discounts to encourage more impulsive buying.

– Increase your conversion rate with Shopping Live and make your e-commerce sell more.



– Leverage traffic from all your marketing channels. Users can access the show from any landing page on your website from wherever: direct traffic, paid traffic, organic, email, social, etc. You will be able to maximise your e-commerce conversion rate for all traffic sources.
– Re-stream the Live Shopping event from your website to your social channels on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube and attract your followers to your online shop to take control of your audience.
– Provide a memorable brand experience on your website thanks to all the possibilities offered by this e-commerce video marketing technique: special effects, image and video ingestion, contests, polls, sales animation, giveaways, social sharing, reactions and live chat.
– Collect all kinds of first-party data from your users and customers. From their email to behavioural data during shows, to sentiment. You will have a multitude of additional information to fine-tune your audiences, perform segmentations, launch automated journeys, etc.
– In short, attract more qualified traffic to your website, get your customers to buy without leaving the Livestream Shopping show and make them loyal to the experience.

What do our customers say


A technology that has absolutely everything you need to create a unique experience for your audience and convert easily. But the best thing is undoubtedly the human team behind it all; people who take care of everything to make sure it all runs perfectly. 100% recommendable.


We had been searching for a way to implement Live Shopping in our e-commerce business for some time. I don’t remember exactly when ONLIVE.SITE appeared, but we loved the fact their team was as passionate about a project as we were. Everything flowed with a special kind of energy and we decided to commit to this new field with them. The experience is proving to be a great success. Stimulating your community, creating content, interacting with your shoppers and convincing those with doubts via a screen and with all the Onlive technology is absolutely a very, very promising REALITY here and now.


Transforming ourselves into one of the brands pioneering this technology, as well as successfully and expertly launching so many features of such digital innovation for the European market in 2021, would certainly not have been possible without the technological and human support of ONLIVE.SITE. We will continue developing events together.


ONLIVE.SITE is a great product to boost your sales & marketing. We experience a lot more trafic and ofcourse also more sales on our webshop when we use ONLIVE.SITE. Other than that i love the product, they give a great customer experience. Whenever we come up with a new idea they always provide a sollution to make the idea even better!


With our Livestream Shopping platform, you can have your own teleshopping channel on your own website.

Liven up you e-shop by showing the characteristics, uses and benefits of your products live and in a personalised manner.

Present the latest items in your catalogue, create entertaining content and boost conversion rates and the average ticket without leaving your website.

Take control of the audience during your Shopping Live shows and enjoy all the advantages of video marketing for e-commerce without needing to use social media for access to Livestream shopping technology.

With just a camera, a good Internet connection and our Live Shopping platform (which you can set up quickly and easily in just a few clicks), you can create your own live selling channel.

Creating and streaming your live selling shows from your own website is very easy and affordable.


We recommend shows between 30 minutes and an hour maximum. Studies show that attention span is drastically reduced after more than 50 minutes. With this duration you will allow your audience to join the session and enjoy your show.

Within the show you can interact with your audience through the chat and you can even invite one of your viewers to participate as a guest on the show. Spectators can also participate in the show by requesting through the platform. is not a social network.


Onlive is a sales channel.

It is not necessary for customers to register so any resistance to participating in your shows is reduced to a minimum.

The price of Onlive consists of 3 blocks: integration, monthly or annual license fee, and commission for sales or payment for use according to the chosen modality.


You can decide on a rate without limits on the number of shows or spectators in which you pay a license fee and your use of the bandwidth.
We also have a flat rate that includes 4 hours of shows per month, and you can purchase as many extra hours as you need.

Tell us about your situation, and we will send you an offer tailored to your needs.

Onlive uses the checkout on your online store, and integrates it directly into the session so that the customer experience is simple and intuitive, multiplying the conversion. Ultimately, your client will make the payment online, but will actually be using your online store.

The «when» depends on the brand. The best day and time to host a show varies depending on the audience. We recommend analyzing your audience’s interaction metrics on different social networks to decide on the best time.


Regarding the frequency, we recommending starting with 30-60 minutes of show per week. Consistency is key to success, so schedule one day and one hour each week for your show, as if it were a television program.

Yes, both the viewers of the show, as well as the host who’s presenting, can be connected from any mobile phone. For the show adminstrator, it’s necessary to connect from a computer to guarantee a high quality and stable show.

Yes, full HD recording (720p) and storage of the recordings for 1 year is included, so that you can select and edit pieces to use in campaigns, on the web, etc.

A One-to-One session is a sales session, which can be done with up to 3 people, where a salesperson presents products of interest to the customer. In this case the session would be closed. It is a way to transform a «physical» sales experience into an online one.


The One-to-One or One-to-One Video Shopping sessions are highly recommended for high-value products that usually need to be shown or explained to complete their sale: Furniture, luxury, cosmetics, etc.

The show «One to Many» is a live broadcast to many users, where a host or presenter presents a series of products or services, and a group of users is watching the show as a TV program from home, being able to buy anything that is shown.
The host can interact with the audience through the chat, surveys, games or by inviting some of his or her viewers to join the live.

We recommend having an established regularity to host your shows. This way, you will make it easier for your audience to know when you are going to broadcast and you will make it easier for them to organize their schedules to participate in your shows.


From ONLIVE we recommend a minimum of one show per week of about 30-60 minutes in length.

No, ONLIVE integrates with your CMS. You will have all your content accessible with a single click.


If you don’t have an online store, contact us and we will review your case.

Yes, Onlive is so simple and intuitive that you can host the show yourself in a matter of minutes. You can also hire an influencer to generate better engagement with your audience.


From Onlive we recommend going with micro influencers who specialize in very specific sectors and who have great communication skills.

There is no limit to the number of users to whom you can broadcast live. We recommend that you look at our plans and prices to see which plan suit you best.

Yes, with the purchase of any of the licenses, you will have an onboarding session on how to use the tool and the most important tips for how to put on a good show. You will also have personalized assistance via email.

It’s not necessary to invest in campaigns to promote your live show, although it can help you get traffic. You can promote your show using your RRSS where your audience follows you, as well as the newsletter.


It is important to generate good videos and images that explain what you are going to do, when, how, and the purpose…at least at the beginning, until your clients get used to your shows.

Make at least 2-3 stories before the event on multiple days, and several posts on your feed. On the day of the event, post the link on your social networks.

We can integrate with any e-commerce platform. We currently have integration with the main ones: Prestashop, Tiendanube, Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, etc.


Do not hesitate to message us about your situation and needs, and we will send you a personalized proposal to integrate with your online store.

Yes, we have a re-streaming service on the main social networks: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, etc. For more information about the cost and contracting visit our plans and prices.

In the show One-to-Many we distinguish three roles:


– The event administrator manages all aspects of the show such as the chat, products, audiovisual resources, etc., but does not appear live–like the director in a TV program.

– The host, who leads the event, has the same permissions as the administrator, although his/her role is to focus on engaging the audience and selling products.

– And finally, the guest or guests to the show, who can go live with the host or during it. The guests do not have any type of permission, this role could be filled by an influencer that represents the brand or someone from the public who wanted to be invited.

In our starter plan you can have one participant with a camera at the same time.
If you need to have more cameras o multi-guest, please tell us about your situation, and we will send you an offer tailored to your needs.

Of course, request your demo and we will offer you an offer that suits your needs.

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