How to bring your conversion rate up to 50% with One-to-One Live Shopping on your ecommerce.

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  • Your product sells better if it is explained by a salesperson of a salesperson.
  • You want to improve your conversion rate.
  • You would like to transfer the customer experience of a physical store to your online store.
  • You want to implement new sales and communication channels with your customers.
  • You want to improve the profitability of your business.


  • You prefer to let your competition lead the way in the sector, while you follow.
  • You don’t want to orient your team towards sales.
  • You don’t want to participate in the next e-commerce revolution.
  • You don’t like to innovate.

“The truth is:
You will improve your conversion by using One-to-One Live Shopping on your online store, however, it’s not an easy technology to develop in-house without a large and specialized development team.
We offer the most accessible and simple solution to help brands like yours to skyrocket their conversion rate”

simple: sell more

Despite investing more and more in Adwords or social media ads to bring traffic to your website, your efforts were frustrated by low conversion rates that compromised the profitability of your business.


You can have the experience of selling in a physical store on your ecommerce by using One-to-One Live Shopping on your online store.

Thanks to the support of sellers in the online sales process, you will boost your conversion up to 50%, increase your average basket size, and build customer loyalty.

Now you can:

  • Interact with your clients in real time.
  • Personally assist customers with doubts or problems in the purchase process.
  • Earn the trust of your customers by offering them personalized attention.
  • Focus your business on proactive customer service.

Since face-to-face sales convert better and gets higher cart values than the direct purchase via the web, if you orient your team toward sales and provide them with resources to sell online, the main metrics of your e-commerce will improve significantly.

And might be wondering…

Do I need a specialized sales team?

No, simply by reorienting your customer service team towards sales, you can quickly increase your sales.

But surely I need a very high average basket to make the investment of putting someone online to sell, right?

We have calculated that starting from a € 100 average basket value, you are already making the seller’s salary profitable as well as the overhead associated with the personalized sale.

  • This Microsoft report highlights the fact that customer experience will be a more important factor in the purchase decision than the price. 
  • All clients seek a personalized relationship with their favorite brands and want to receive quick, effective, and personalized treatment.
  • In this article you can see how in China, they are already getting conversion rates of up to 65%.
  • In a earning call, Fabrizio Freda (CEO of EstĂ©e Lauder) reviews the year 2020 and highlights the company’s investment in live streaming and its fantastic results–both in sales and in conversion rate.
  • Nordstrom is launching its own live shopping channel in an effort to enhance the brand’s digital presence, after announcing an 82% decline in earnings for the fourth quarter of 2020.

“Thanks to One-to-One sessions, we have managed to recover the level of sales that we lost due to restrictions in our physical stores”

Miguel S.

Retailer CFO



All the customer contact tools were aimed at resolving incidents or doubts: email, telephone, chat, chatbots. They’re very automated tools, but they don’t help to sell.


You can take the experience of the physical store to your online store with personalized attention–which will improve your conversion rate, average basket size, and also boost the sales and the profitability of your online store.

Now you can:

  • Make your customers put a face to your brand, improving loyalty.
  • Solve in an agile way doubts and questions, in video and live.
  • Accompany, in real time, your client until the end of their purchase.
  • Create a more human experience in your online store.

And maybe be asking yourself…

Will I need to have a team available 24/7?

That’s up to you. It will depend on how and when your customers buy. Our solution offers 24/7 service, but you can configure your availability so that customers can be attended to in a One-to-One Live Shopping space.

What about when I don’t have someone from my team available?

Customers can book a One-to-One Live Shopping session with your team at the times you offer, all in a simple and intuitive process for the customer and for you.

Automatable tools are very useful for managing large amounts of traffic, but they offer very low sales conversion. On the other hand, with One-to-One Live Shopping you can direct your efforts to convert which will optimize your investment in marketing and improve the profitability of your online store.

“One-to-One Live Shopping is our main growth strategy in 2021; Re-orienting store teams towards sales through is proving to be a success”

José G.

Luxury Brand CEO


Multiply your conversion rate by up to 25x


Increase your average order value by more than 20%


Increase your sales by more than 20%

All you have

to do is:

Personally assist customers with doubts or problems in the purchase process.

Earn the trust of your customers by offering them personalized attention.

Focus your business on proactive customer service.

You can get these results by:

Trying to develop a live video shopping platform in your company, however, you will need a group of developers familiar with the technology. There are few in the market, and those available require high salaries.

Or you can join ONLIVE.SITE and get conversion rates of up to 50%.

Another option:

Would be to make sales by phone or video call using Hangouts or Zoom, however:

These are not sales-oriented platforms, so the customer still has to go to your store to buy increasing resistance and decreasing conversion.

Or you can use ONLIVE.SITE and accompany your client through the purchase process (including the payment process), thus guaranteeing a satisfactory purchase.

También puedes abrir tiendas físicas donde interactuar de forma personalizada con tus clientes, sin embargo:

La inversiĂłn y los costes de una tienda fĂ­sica son elevados y el impacto en tus clientes se reduce a la zona donde localices tu tienda.

O puedes utilizar ONLIVE.SITE y dar a todos tus clientes, estén donde estén, una experiencia como la que vivirían en una tienda física.

We have created ONLIVE.SITE for brands with an online presence and sales that have average basket values of greater than €100. Brands that want to improve the main metrics of their business (sales, conversion, profitability), but see that their efforts frustrated due to higher and higher acquisition costs and lower sales conversion rates.

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  • You will see your conversion rate improve thanks to live sales sessions and your team’s interaction with your customers.
  • You will see your average basket size increase thanks to your team’s personalized one-on-one interaction with your customers.
  • You will receive more qualified leads because customers who participate in your one-to-one events have a clear purchase intention.
  • You will be able to monitor the quality of your team’s care thanks to customer feedback.
  • You can track the performance of your sales team with a complete sales report per profile.
  • You will have the contact information and preferences of your leads enabling you to do high conversion remarketing.
  • You can integrate a chat that allows you to interact with your client and carry out a one-to-one live shopping session in a matter of seconds.
  • You can integrate your product catalog in a very simple way. 
  • You will be able to offer the face-to-face sales experience for all your products, bringing your online store to life.
  • You will be able to get a greater return on your investment in attracting traffic and direct your efforts to sell more.
  • You can forget about CPCs and CPAs, and finally focus on how to satisfy your customers and sell more.



The best way to show the benefits and advantages of your products was to do it live in a physical way, which entailed the high cost of having a physical space, in addition to the low impact at a geographical level.


You can bring your online store to life, showing live and in a personalized way, novelty products or cool products that are sometimes overlooked while browsing your store. You will increase sales, conversion, and average basket size.

The first step is to integrate your online store with ONLIVE.SITE. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything. Our development team will transfer your e-commerce to the new era of live stream shopping in a matter of hours.



The different customer contact tools were aimed at solving issues and doubts: email, telephone, chat, chat bots. We could highly automate them, but they didn’t help us sell more.


You can get the shopping experience of a physical store with more personal attention–which will help you improve your conversion rate and your average basket size. You will sell more, and your online store will be more profitable.

Your customers will be able to interact with your team by chat, which is one of the access channels to a One-to-One Live Shopping session. You can also direct traffic through marketing campaigns, so that customers can directly schedule a One-to-One session with your sales or customer service team.



If you already had a sales team which entailed travel expenses, representation expenses, etc…


Each of your sellers can have an ONLIVE.SITE profile. You will have the best of face-to-face sales with the convenience of online sales.

You can configure the availability of your sales team so customers can request a one-to-one session right away or request an appointment. Your team will be able to show your entire catalog without leaving home.



It was very difficult to showcase all the features and advantages of your products. The web simply couldn’t sell like people do, and having a physical store was expensive and had strong geographical limitations.


You can easily integrate your entire product catalog, and bring your online store to life by showing novelty products and other great products that are sometimes overlooked while browsing your store. You will increase sales, conversion, and average basket size.

You can preload products to a one-to-one event or search for them in real time using the search engine integrated into your online store. Your team will be able to display any product from your catalog in mere seconds.

Interact with your customers


Las piezas audiovisuales de tu tienda online ralentizaban tu web y dificultaban la usabilidad por parte de los clientes, por lo que era dificil mostrar todo el potencial de tus productos.


Podrás disfrutar de cualquier recurso audiovisual que te ayude a explicar mejor tu catálogo y tu marca. Nunca antes habías podido transmitir tanto valor de forma online.

Podrás utilizar encuestas, vídeos, imágenes… ¡todo para ayudar a tu cliente a elegir! De una forma ágil y sencilla.



Promotions and benefits did not reflect the individuality and needs of each client–causing discounts and offers to have limited impact and generating poorly personalized communication and low conversion rates.


You will be able to customize the offers and discounts to each of your clients needs, live and direct, to motivate your client to buy during the one-to-one event. You will develop more loyalty (without hurting your brand image), and improve your sales and your conversion rate.

From the one-to-one event with your client (and without leaving the video call)you can create personalized discounts for each client. You can even offer them for a limited time in case you don’t close the sale during the session.



If a client contacted you through social networks or even via your online store chat, the client still had to go to your website, look for the product, and buy it. We know this is difficult to keep track of, and that the conversion rates are very low.


You can sell directly from a One-to-One Live Shopping session live with your client (without leaving the video call)which will facilitate the purchase and improve your conversion rate.

You will be able to guide your client through all the steps of the sale — helping him or her to choose the product that best suits his/her needs and also helping him/her to finalize the payment, if needed.



When a client visited our online store and left without buying or made a inquiry, but finally decided not to buy at the moment, it was very difficult to know the reason and even more difficult to follow up.


You will be able to communicate in a personalized way with customers who have not completed their purchase–informing them of the products that they were interested in and the advantages you can offer.

Thanks to an automatic email after each One-to-One Live Shopping event, you will be able to send your client the products seen during the session, as well as discounts and exclusive advantages to help them make the decision to buy. Personalized contact for high conversion actions.

Finally, you are going to be the owner of communication with your clients!

With ONLIVE.SITE you will have a very easy-to-use, well-built and fun platform so that both you and your team can focus on what you do best: SELLING

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To offer the shopping experience of a physical store, you could:

  • Open your own physical stores, with costs exceeding €100,000 per store and a limited geographical area.
  • Develop live video shopping technology within your company, and hire a team of developers familiar with the technology at a cost of more than one million euros per year.

Or you can contract for a small monthly license fee to use the platform.

All you need to do need to schedule a demo with us to see how easy and intuitive ONLIVE.SITE is, and you can start selling more in a matter of hours.

Click here and book your DEMO with our team

“Live video Shopping is a new channel for commerce, and it’s here to stay. Sales through live video shopping already account for 10% of online sales in China, and its growth is exponential. The sooner you bet on One-to-One Live Shopping, the more likely you will be to lead in the new era of e-commerce. If not, it will be just like many times in the digital context, it will be too late and too expensive to position yourself”.


It really depends on the type of product you are selling and its sales process. At ONLIVE, we usually recommend 30-minute slots–enough time to answer any questions and close the sale without any rush.

If your product is from the luxury sector, we recommend extending these slots to one hour in order to give your customer an exclusive experience.

ONLIVE it is not a social network.

ONLIVE is a sales channel.

It’s not necessary for customers to register in order to keep resistance participating in your shows to a minimum..

ONLIVE.SITE’s One-to-One mode has a starter pack of three licenses for three vendors, and you can create as many licenses as you need.

The price for ONLIVE.SITE consists of 3 blocks: integration, monthly or annual license fee and commission per sale.

The price varies depending on your modality and the complexity of integrating with your ecommerce.

Tell us about your situation, and we will send you an offer tailored to your needs..

Onlive uses your e-commerce payment manager, although visually for the client everything happens in the same One-to-One session. This makes the process easier and multiplies the conversion.

The customer will make the payment on, but everything really happens in your online store.

Yes, we offer the possibility of recording one daily session per license and with one month of storage, for quality control.

A One-to-Many show is a live and direct event for many viewers. A presenter or host showcases products or services, and viewers watch the show like they would watch a television program, except they can buy any of the products presented.
The presenter interacts with his audience through the chat, polls, games, or even by inviting a viewer to participate in the show.

A One-to-One session is a more exclusive private sales session, which can include up to 3 clients. The salesperson presents products of interest to the client and answers any of their questions or concerns live. The session is private and not open to participants. It is an excellent way to transform the “physical” sales experience into an online one.

The One-to-One or One-to-One Live Shopping sessions are recommended for brands with high-value products or services that often need the help of a salesperson to showcase and explain all the advantages and benefits. The luxury sector is a great example, but One-to-One is also great for investment products such as electronics, furniture, etc.

At ONLIVE.SITE we have calculated that with average baskets values greater than € 100, it is already profitable to dedicate a full-time person to selling through One-to-One Live Shopping.

No, ONLIVE.SITE integrates with your CMS. You will have all your content accessible with a single click.

The limit of clients in a one-to-one session is 3, plus the vendor. Which would mean a total of 4 cameras connected simultaneously in a real-time sales session.

Yes, with the purchase of any of the licenses, you will have an onboarding session on how to use the tool as well as the most important tips for how to put on a good show. You will also have personalized assistance via email.

We can integrate with any e-commerce platform. We currently have integration with the main ones: Prestashop, Tiendanube, Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, etc.

Do not hesitate to message us about your situation and needs, and we will send you a personalized proposal to integrate with your online store.

Of course, request your demo, and we will create an offer that suits your needs.