As an open-source and free eCommerce solution, Prestashop is popular for a reason. Its suite of easy-to-use features makes it ideal for brands across the globe to build and run their eCommerce websites with minimum hassle.

By partnering with Prestashop, Onlive.Site delivers a seamless integration experience that fuses the convenience of Prestashop with the brand growth of live shopping.

Increase Engagement for Shops Both Large and Small.


Prestashop is available as a free download for brands who want to step into eCommerce. This open-source solution already hosts thousands of successful online shops across the world, and it supports dozens of languages. With it, you can build your own eCommerce site to reach customers in both your own country and others worldwide.

However, other live shopping platforms might not be able to work well with Prestashop and can cause a slowdown for your brand. Onlive.Site provides the opposite result by creating an intuitive and easily integrated solution that works with your Prestashop store to keep your brand moving forward.


Manage and track all orders in one place.
Engage customers with quick help and live chat.
Save time, energy, and ultimately money with an organized process.
Complete integration with Onlive’s live shopping platform.


In eCommerce, the more integrated your approach, the better both your experience and that of your audience will be. Our software is fully compatible with Prestashop to provide a comprehensive solution for your brand. No hassle, no steep learning curve. Only growth for your brand and convenience for your customers. Your brand experience can not only stay intact, but can grow and provide a new level of experience for customers.

As part of your free demo, we can show you how simple it is to integrate Onlive’s live shopping software with Prestashop. With everything working seamlessly together, your audience and customers can have an optimal experience, enhancing both quality and growth for your brand.


Whether you currently use Prestashop or want to switch to it from another shop builder, Onlive allows for fast and hassle-free integration.

Book your free demo today to see how the right live shopping software can be the next step forward for your brand. Our comprehensive demo can help you jump into this modern eCommerce solution, growing your business and reaching a wider audience than ever before. - Shopify - Prestashop - Woocommerce - Tiendanube

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