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Shopify & Live Shopping

Foster Interaction With Complete Integration

Onlive lets you take the eCommerce power of Shopify and weave it into your brand’s live shopping sessions. Shopify can provide the foundation and then Onlive’s live shopping software works with it to drive engagement with your brand with live shoppers around the world.

Livestream shopping allows your brand to build its identity and drive conversion through unique customer engagement. But you need everything to run smoothly. That is where the benefits of integrating Onlive’s software with your Shopify store for a fully-synced and cohesive commerce experience.

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What Is Shopify?

Shopify holds the position as the leading online store builder for eCommerce around the world. If you have purchased something online, odds are you have encountered a Shopify store.

This comprehensive solution for eCommerce merchants provides toolkits and a store builder interface that can be ideal for businesses large and small alike.

onlive site shopify

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Reach Customers Across the World

Wherever you are, you can engage your customers with live shopping integrated with Shopify. Live shopping adds a dynamic new level to your Shopify store without adding any friction to the checkout process or product data. In other words, viewers from anywhere can become customers as easily as if they were on your site itself.

Easier even. They are just a few finger taps away from supporting your brand.

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What Makes Shopify Beneficial?

  • Premium security and peace of mind for merchants and customers alike.
  • User-friendly store builder that meshes well with the live shopping experience.
  • Multiple tiers to match your brand’s targets and goals.
  • Built for integration

Using Shopify With ONLIVE.SITE

Live shopping should be an extension of your brand, not some separate channel that can interfere with your commerce. By choosing Onlive’s live shopping platform, you retain complete control over your Shopify store and can fully integrate live shopping with it. No hassle, no detours. Only your brand, your shop, your audience.

Integration keeps you in control. There’s no change in data ownership, with you staying in full control of everything from chat to vital insights to maintain a continuous brand experience.

See For Yourself

As part of your free demo of our software, we can demonstrate how easy it is to integrate live shopping with your Shopify store.

With this seamless blend, you maintain the benefits of Shopify with the added engagement and brand growth that can come from live shopping.


Whether you currently use Shopify or plan to make the switch from another shop builder, Onlive allows for fast and hassle-free integration. Book your free demo today to see how the right live shopping software can be the next step forward for your brand.

Our comprehensive live demo can give you all the basics to see how this modern eCommerce solution can jumpstart your brand, allowing it to reach a wider and more engaged audience.