Interactivity in e-Learning and the live shopping solution

Live shopping: a before and after for training companies

If there is one industry that had to be hugely creative and reinvent itself during (and after) the pandemic, that was clearly the training and education sector. e-Learning went from an alternative format that complemented face-to-face education to becoming the only format possible. Teachers and educators turned to video streaming technologies en masse. Platforms like Google for Education experienced unprecedented growth and new teaching techniques, such as Visual Thinking, shot up in popularity. Beyond merely streaming, students can enjoy more interaction options with Live Shopping technology: from the real-time download of course material to embedding other videos in the video, including the gamification of education. If you are engaged in the e-learning industry, our white paper contains everything you need to know about live shopping: from its origins to the most recent data, including the various formats and major success stories.

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