What Is Live Shopping?

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Rather than relying on expensive advertisements with low conversion rates, you can use live shopping to showcase products and chat with customers in real time. It combines the ease of normal online shopping with the personalised nature of in-person shopping. But what is it exactly? 

One of the newest ecommerce trends is live shopping. If you are looking to reach new audiences and boost conversions while interacting with your customers, then live streaming shopping might be right for you.

The retail world has changed drastically in the last few years, and online sales have skyrocketed. Since brick-and-mortar shops closed during the pandemic, more people than ever have turned to online shopping. Customers now expect seamless online service with countless choices and fast delivery to their doorstep.

Even though people are comfortable with browsing catalogues from home and even finalizing purchases on the go using their mobile phones, it’s no longer enough for an ecommerce business to have a good website and effective advertising.

What customers want is connection and real-time engagement, which is exactly what live shopping is.

Rather than relying on expensive advertisements with low conversion rates, you can use live shopping to showcase products and chat with customers in real time. It combines the ease of normal online shopping with the personalised nature of in-person shopping. But what is it exactly?

The Crash Course: What Is Live Shopping?

Using live videos, businesses sell their products online in real time. Customers learn about the brand and products, and without even leaving the video, they can make purchases instantly and interact with reps and other customers. It’s like an improved and modernized version of home shopping channels on TV – but with the more authentic, down-to-earth communication that today’s customers want.

Ways to Use Live Shopping

Because customers are tired of being overwhelmed with advertisements and scripted, inauthentic sales pitches, the genuine nature of live shopping resonates with the current market. The fun part of live videos is that businesses can show off their personality, which is hard to do with traditional advertising. Live videos can be entertaining and creative, and customers can interact in different ways by:
  • Asking questions about products, prices, and terms.
  • Chatting with reps and other customers to get to know the company better.
  • Buying products immediately, without even leaving the video.
  • Giving their reactions to inventory, deals, and events.
  • Attending online events, parties, Q&A sessions, flash sales, and more.
By being part of the shopping experience rather than just a number in a checkout cart, customers not only buy more but engage with the brand and spread the word.

The Benefits of Live Stream Shopping

You know what live shopping is now, but it is important to realise that it is much more than just using videos to boost sales. You can use it to build your brand and identity, find new audiences, and experiment with products and services. Instead of seeing it as a passing trend or a difficult new endeavour, get creative with it and take advantage of the benefits it offers.

You can boost sales and conversions

Customers spend three times longer on live stream shopping events than they do on normal website visits. They are five times more likely to add a product to their cart, and they are ten times more likely to provide their email addresses. 

If you build up your viewership, you can sell to hundreds of people in one short event. And these events can be tailored to specific audiences or focused on subgroups of products, making it easier to market and sell your merchandise. 

Once you get the hang of it, hosting successful events can be fun and personal. Customers who have a good time and who see other shoppers’ reactions and purchases are more likely make impulse purchases. So, for impulse-purchase products, what live shopping is, is a good way to increase sales.

With live streaming shopping, you get to be creative

It’s not only customers who have a good time live shopping. Businesses can use these platforms to explore new options for marketing and product development.

  • Offer live limited-time promotions.
  • Release real-time reviews.
  • Launch new products live.
  • Arrange exclusive customer deals and parties.
  • Host events by talented salespeople, celebrities, or influencers.
  • Invite participants to be guests on a show.

Using live videos gives you more time to engage with customers than traditional advertising does. You can also take advantage of the flexibility it offers and pivot faster by altering prices, services, and products to fit market demands.

You can build brand loyalty and engagement

When your customers feel seen and connected to your brand, they are more likely to become long-term loyal followers. Instead of feeling frustrated with confusing websites and checkout processes, customers can become part of a community during live shopping events. 

And there are lots of ways to engage customers.* Personalised, memorable experiences give customers the human connection they’re looking for, in addition to creating trust. You can communicate authentically in real time, focusing on your brand and products.

Is Live Shopping Right for You?

Even if you understand what live shopping is, you might wonder whether it’s worth it to get involved. 

If you want to be part of the newest ecommerce trends, then live shopping is a must. Many of the biggest brands have already successfully implemented live streaming shopping. Beauty brands, fashion companies, and department stores alike – from Estée Lauder to Tommy Hilfiger to Nordstrom – have jumped on the bandwagon. 

Even shoe and pet brands are already using Facebook Live Shopping and Instagram Live Shopping. And what about the biggest retailer of all? Amazon Live Shopping has exploded, and they host daily events for fitness, cosmetics, books, fashion, and more. 

This means that customers are already expecting their favourite businesses to offer live shopping, and the trend is here to stay.

How to Get Started

If you own an ecommerce business, you’re going to have to use live stream shopping eventually because it’s becoming an expected feature. Focusing on customer engagement is the best way to grow your brand, so it’s best to get started today.

First, you need to find the right live shopping service for you. Choose an experienced company that offers demos and customized services. Let the experts ease you into the process and explain how going online can help you find new audiences, boost sales, and grow customer engagement.

Still unsure about what live streaming shopping is? Contact Onlive.Site and ask for a free demo. They’ll be happy to chat with you about how you can integrate live shopping into your business.

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