how to use the teleprompter to present a live event

How to use the teleprompter in a live-stream video

Live stream videos can be quite long, so you might be thinking, “Do I have to remember everything I want to say?”. Of course not! The solution is to create a script and use a teleprompter as they do on live shows on TV. This is an easy way to follow the script and not forget all the important details you might need to say like discount codes or offers which are hard to remember. Learn how to use the teleprompter in a live-stream video with 8 easy steps!

Using a teleprompter can help you deliver your message confidently and smoothly in a live-stream video. Here are the steps to use a teleprompter in a live-stream video:

  1. Choose a teleprompter: There are different types of teleprompters available in the market, such as software-based teleprompters, hardware-based teleprompters, and app-based teleprompters. Choose one that fits your needs. You will find some free ones online to start with.
  2. Install the teleprompter software: If you’re using software-based teleprompters, you need to install it on your computer or tablet. Make sure it’s compatible with your device.
  3. Connect the teleprompter: If you’re using a hardware-based teleprompter, connect it to your camera or smartphone. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the proper setup. In case you use a software-teleprompter, check reviews for a few of them before you commit to one specifically. 
  4. Write your script: Write your script using a text editor or a teleprompter software. Keep the language simple and easy to read. For some sections of your event, you might want to add a few words and then improvise the rest e.g., if you are playing a game or choosing a winner for a raffle. 
  5. Adjust the teleprompter speed: Adjust the speed of the teleprompter according to your reading speed. Start slow and gradually increase the speed until you’re comfortable. Try various settings, the teleprompter is there to make you more comfortable so be sure to set it up as you wish. 
  6. Practice reading: Practise reading the script several times to get comfortable with the teleprompter. Make sure you’re making eye contact with the camera and not just reading the script. The more you practise, the most natural it will look, in some tv shows you would never tell that they’re reading! 
  7. Record your video: Once you’re comfortable with the teleprompter, start recording your live stream video. Monitor the speed of the teleprompter and adjust it if necessary. The first time might make you a bit nervous but it will all go smoothly after that.
  8. Edit and upload the video: After recording, edit the video if necessary and upload it to your website or your preferred platform to get extra viewers. This will give a chance to watch it for customers that weren’t available at the time of the live. 

All in all, using a teleprompter in a live stream video involves the just mentioned 8 key steps explained above which are; choosing a teleprompter, installing the software, connecting the teleprompter to your camera, writing the script, adjusting the speed, practising reading, recording the video, and uploading it to your preferred platform. It sounds complicated but one step at a time you will figure out how to use a teleprompter in a live stream video. Moreover, if you are looking at other aspects of creating a great live event, take a look at our article on the importance of lighting in a video. Best of luck!

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