Onlive.Site provides a cloud-based platform that enables companies to create interactive video experiences for e-commerce, marketing, and customer care. The platform supports live streaming, on-demand video, and video-based customer support. We offer a no-code approach that makes it easy for businesses to get started and see instant ROI.

The company was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. Our mission is to help companies embrace the new wave of audiovisual creativity and use it to build stronger relationships with customers, bringing brands to life in ways that were not previously possible.

Outperformer by CB Insights

Onlive.Site have been recognized as an outperformer by CB Insights ESPs in the video commerce category. In the context of CB Insights, ESP stands for Emerging Service Provider. CB Insights identifies companies with the potential to disrupt existing industries or create new ones. The “Outperformer” distinction is awarded to companies that have demonstrated strong growth potential, market traction, and positive feedback from clients and customers.


At Onlive.Site, we believe that technology has brought us efficiency, but human connection is what truly matters. In today’s world, the need for humanizing digital relationships is more important than ever. That’s why we’re on a mission to help every brand create their own audiovisual channel and tell their story in a more personal and authentic way.

Video commerce provides a unique opportunity to create real connections with our customers, building trust and loyalty that lasts. It’s a new era of commerce, and just like blogs transformed the way we express ourselves online and gave a voice to anyone with an internet connection, video commerce is doing the same for business.

With video commerce, companies no longer need to make expensive investments or rely on traditional media channels to get their message out. Instead, they can put a face, a voice, and some fun into their message, product, and service, creating better experiences for their customers.

So let’s embrace this opportunity to use technology to bring us closer together and build a brighter, more human future for commerce. If you share our passion for humanizing digital relationships, we’d love to connect with you and explore how we can work together to make it happen.


Live commerce is rapidly evolving, and traditional video solutions simply can’t keep up. That’s where our no-code, transversal platform comes in. Our easy-to-use solutions for video sell, demo, care, and communication are designed specifically with digital commerce in mind, making it easier than ever for brands to transition from static to dynamic content.

Our platform addresses the inherent complexity of the corporate video market, delivering homogenized data and cost optimization without sacrificing the customer experience. With our user-friendly interface and streamlined implementation process, our platform is the perfect choice for brands looking to stand out from the competition and deliver innovative, dynamic audio-visual experiences.

Don’t settle for boring, plain, fragmented content that fails to engage your audience. With our live commerce SaaS platform, you can transform your video content and boost your engagement, customer knowledge  and digital metrics like never before.


In late 2020, three visionary co-founders came together with a mission to transform digital commerce into a colorful, interactive, and human experience. With a unique blend of skills and an impressive track record, including building global digital products for millions of users, leading a company from startup to IPO, and achieving a successful exit at a valuation of over 700 million EUR, our team is confident in our ability to revolutionize the industry and bring our vision to life.

After a year of development, market research, and beta testing, we launched Onlive.Site in December 2021. Since then, our growth has been unstoppable. We’ve earned the trust of over 150 customers, including some of the most well-known global brands, and have seen an incredible growth. Our video selling, demo, customer care, and communication channels are now live in 30 countries, broadcasting to over 100. But we’re not stopping there – this is just the beginning. Our journey has been humbling, but we’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far and excited about what the future holds.


ONLIVE.SITE named as Outperformer & included in the Best Live Streaming e-Commerce Companies list (TOP10 – 2023) BY CB INSIGHTS. New York, 2023

Onlive.Site is in the Top 50 #startup list for the @4YFN_MWC 2023 Awards: the highest official recognition offered exclusively to #startups during #MWC23

ONLIVE.SITE winner of the New Retail Solutions Awards by Smart Retail Tech Expo in London, 2023

Onlive.Site most innovative Startup in the E-Commerce Category. Madrid, 2022


At Onlive.Site, we believe in the power of an incredible team. That’s why we’ve assembled a remote-first, globally-distributed group of top-notch mathematicians, computing engineers, and experienced business developers who share our passion for revolutionizing digital commerce with cutting-edge video technology. We’re growing quickly, and we’re always on the lookout for new talent to join our ranks and help us achieve our mission.

We understand that people are at their best when they’re happy and fulfilled, which is why we encourage our team members to live and work wherever they’re most comfortable. But we’re not just looking for smart, experienced professionals—we’re looking for good people, too. Our motto is “Good people, people that are good,” and we take that commitment seriously.

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