How to get conversion rates up to 25 times higher by doing Livestream Shopping sessions

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October, 2020


November, 2020

Consumer Goods Technology

June, 2020


Livestream Industry Average


Average visit time

+12 minutes per viewer


“Add-to-cart” rate

+20% of viewers add product to cart


Loyalty rate

+30% of viewers enter their email

In August 2020, Tommy Hilfiger did its first live stream shopping with more than 14 million viewers, selling 1,300 sweatshirts in 2 minutes.


  • You are looking for new ways to multiply your conversion rate.
  • You could explain your product better with the support of a salesperson.
  • You are looking for new sales channels.
  • You would like to transfer the customer experience of a physical store to your online store.
  • You want to improve the profitability of your business.
  • You have a new or impulse purchase product.


  • You prefer to let your competition being on the cutting edge of the sector.
  • You don’t want to orient (position) your team towards sales.
  • You prefer a third party to sell your product.
  • You don’t want to participate in the next e-commerce revolution.
  • You don’t like to innovate.

This is the truth:
You can multiply your conversion rate by using live stream shopping in your sales strategy; however, it is not a technology that you can develop in-house without a large and expensive development team.
We are the easiest and most accessible solution to help brands multiply their conversion rate”


CEO y Founder

For those of you who don’t know me: my name is Alfredo. I am a serial entrepreneur, and some of my startups have been launched and awarded in environments as technological as San Francisco, London or Barcelona.

A year ago, during the pandemic, thousands of merchants had to close their stores, and I thought that we could help them connect with their customers thanks to real-time video broadcasting technologies and allow them to display their products without the need for a physical presence.

In this way, we could help them by making digital sales much more human and effective!!

Moved by this idea, I began desperately searching for solutions, but I didn’t find any existing video solution that would allow me to integrate the product catalog. The few tools that could facilitate this process were too expensive or complex to run without extra help from engineers.

So I called my partner Liesner, Doctor of these technologies, and we decided to build it ourselves in order to make digital video sales accessible to everyone, giving way to the birth of

Oh, and you know what? The best of all has not only been helping a lot of brands to make the leap to the next e-commerce revolution, but also their surprise when they saw that their sales conversion rates multiplied thanks to the use of our platform!!


To sell, you had no choice but to invest in Adwords or social media ads, with increasingly high bids and low conversion rates that compromised the profitability of your business.

You can recover the physical sale in your e-commerce thanks to live video shopping on your online store.

Thanks to being able to show your product live and direct, you will multiply your conversion by up to 25 times, increase your average order value and retain more customers.

Now you can also :

  • Create regular shows which will help you retain customers.
  • Show news and promotions live, bringing your online store to live.
  • Win the trust of your customers, because putting a face to the name builds loyalty.
  • Focus your business on your clients and not on your website.

Since selling through a seller or an influencer has higher conversion rates and average baskets than buying directly on the web, creating regular live stream shopping shows will significantly improve the main metrics of your e-commerce.

You might be asking yourself…

Do I need a lot of resources to put on a show?

No, you can host shows with hundreds of client simply with a mobile phone or computer, although we recommend investing in a good internet connection, microphone and a light source so that the experience is sensational.

But it is definitely very difficult to cover the costs of the event.

We have calculated that with audiences greater than 10,000 followers, you can aspire (aim) to generate more than € 15,000 per month in Livestream Shopping.

Fabrizio Freda

CEO – Fundador
Estée Lauder

In an earnings call, Fabrizio Freda (CEO of Estée Lauder) reviews the year 2020 and highlights the company’s investment in live streaming and its fantastic results–both in sales and in conversion rate

  • In this article you can see how in China’s conversion rates of up to 65% are already being reached.
  • Nordstrom is launching its own live shopping channel in an effort to enhance the brand’s digital presence, after announcing an 82% decline in earnings for the fourth quarter of 2020.
  • This study carried out by Microsoft reveals that the customer experience will trump the price as a factor in the purchase decision.


Francisco G.

e-commerce CEO


You could boost your sales or show news by directing on social networks, but we know that it is very difficult to translate these events into sales, even with good levels of engagement.

You can host live shows that allow your client to buy without leaving the event, triggering the sales conversion and the average order value.

Now you can also :

  • Have your entire catalog at a click of your live shows.
  • Create discounts and promotions live, without leaving the show.
  • Entertain your audience with games, polls and contests.
  • Allow your customers to buy without leaving the show, in an easy and fun way.

Live shows increase conversion and cart size, as well as generate greater engagement with the brand. If you create interactive and live environments with your community, you will improve loyalty, communication, and sales.

You may be wondering…

Who should be the host of the show?

It can be someone on your team or an influencer, but it is important that this person knows, uses and loves the brand. It’s important to be a good communicator, know how to engage with the audience, generate interest and entertain. And of course, you have to be able to create a show around the product, make it interesting and attractive.

How do I announce this new strategy?

It is important to promote that you are going to do a live show so that your clients know about it. We recommend doing it through Social Media and Newsletter, using videos, eye-catching photos and a link to the link of the show.

Mark Yuan

And Luxe Inc.

Mark Yuan, co-founder of And Luxe (a New York-based live stream e-commerce consultancy) says: “Everyone is thinking about this (live stream e-commerce). But they have been rushed by the pandemic. Before it was an option, now there is no option”


Mónica P.

e-commerce CMO


Even if you built large audiences on social networks, you had limited access to knowing your customers, so it was difficult to convert followers into sales, while still investing more and more in customer acquisition.

Thanks to live stream shopping, you will have direct contact with your audience, without intermediaries, directly between brand and customer, multiplying the possibilities of interacting with your audience and triggering the conversion rate and recurrence of your e-commerce.

Since live stream shopping is a powerful sales channel for brands, creating interactive and live environments with your community improves engagement, communication and sales.

In this Forbes article they show us how live video shopping is already a reality in China, where it already reached (hit) 9% of total e-commerce sales in 2019 with more than $63 billion

  • This article assures that the live stream shopping channel will reach the trillion Yuan in 2020.


Multiply your conversion rate by up to 25x


Increase your average order value by more than 20%


Increase your sales by more than 20%



Interact in real time with your clients.

Offer your audience live spaces where they can get to know your brand and your product.

Definitely bring the offline shopping experience online with live sales and demos.

To achieve these results you can:

Try to develop a live video shopping platform internally by putting together a team of developers familiar with this technology.
Which is expensive and hard to find.

Or, you can use ONLIVE.SITE and multiply your conversion rate up to 25x

Another option would be:

Do LIVES on Social Networks like Instagram. However, on your social networks your audience is not really yours. Your clients are captive and are almost anonymous, which makes it extremely difficult for them to buy during or after the show.

Or you can use ONLIVE.SITE, where your customers will have a name, surname, and you can offer them your products and services during and after the show.

ONLIVE.SITE is created for brands with online sales and social network audiences of more than 10,000 followers who want to improve the main metrics of their business (sales, conversion, profitability), but who find their efforts frustrated by higher and higher acquisition costs and lower conversion rates.

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  • You will see your conversion rate improve thanks to live shows.
  • You will see your average order value increase thanks to being able to offer cross sales, upsellings, and news to your customers live and direct.
  • You will receive more qualified leads because the customers who participate in your One-to-Many events have a clear purchase intention and not simply a desire to be entertained like on your social media channels.
  • You can create exclusive events for your customers, generating engagement and loyalty to your community.
  • You will have contact information for your audience enabling you to do high-converting remarketing.
  • You can easily integrate your entire product catalog.
  • You can transfer your sales experience to all your products, bringing your online store to live.
  • You will be able to obtain a greater return on your investment by attracting traffic, directing your efforts to sell more.
  • You can forget about CPCs, CPAs and finally focus on how to satisfy your customers and sell more.
  • You will see the conversion rate improve in your One-to-Many events.
  • You can even close your first sales on your first show.


Live Stream Industry Average


Average visit time

+12 minutes per viewer


“Add to Cart” rate

+20% of viewers add product to cart


Loyalty rate

+30% of viewers share their email

In August 2020, Tommy Hilfiger did its first live stream shopping with more than 14 million viewers, selling 1,300 sweatshirts in 2 minutes



The production of shows or Lives on social networks had a purpose of entertainment and loyalty, since it was very difficult to convert viewers into buyers and almost impossible to trace that sale. It took many resources with a very low return on sales.


You can guide your shows towards sales, creating entertaining content, build loyalty with your audience and helping them decide on your product or service.

Your client will be able to complete the purchase without leaving the live event, so the live stream shopping will multiply the conversion of your marketing actions and your sales.



The only way to reliably demonstrate your products was to do it live physically–making it very expensive and inaccessible to show the characteristics and benefits of your products to customers.


You can bring your online store to life, showing live and in a personalized way, novelties or great products that sometimes cost to value browsing your store. You will increase sales, conversion and average basket size.

The first step is to integrate your online store with ONLIVE.SITE. Don’t worry, we take care of everything. Our development team will transfer your e-commerce to the new era of live stream shopping in a matter of hours.



You depended on newsletters and email marketing to connect with your customers. It was difficult to convey everything you wanted to explain to audience.


With just a few clicks you will have a direct line of communication with your community. You will be able to interact and personalize your message. Quick and easy, so you can focus on the most important thing: selling.

You can create a direct communication channel with your customers to get your message across, explain your product, and the values of your brand.



To carry out quality events you needed a great deployment of resources, making it difficult to make marketing actions profitable.


With just a few clicks, a camera and a good Internet connection, you will be in the position to create a show for your community. A simple platform so that the protagonist is you.

A direct channel with your customers to market your news, promotions, and the day-to-day life of your brand with a minimal investment.



You couldn’t use audiovisual content on your online store because loading times and usability were negatively affected, losing the possibility to show the value of your products.


You will be able to use demonstration videos, brand videos, and as many audiovisual and interactive resources as you can think of so that your customers see and appreciate the value of your products.

You can use resources such as surveys, videos, images … anything you can think of to help your client choose! Everything in a simple and fast way.



The discounts and benefits were generic, not very adaptable, and difficult to customize for your customers. This generates very little personalized communication and low conversion.


You will be able to create discounts in real time to get your client to decide to buy during the One-to-Many event. You will gain customer loyalty, and your sales and conversion rate will improve.

During a One-to-Many event with your client, (and without leaving the show) you can create contests and prizes, and customize personalized discounts for a limited time to encourage conversion during the session.



If a customer was interested in a product, but in the end decided not to buy on the spot, it was very challenging to follow up with him or her to offer a benefit that would make the customer decide to make his or her purchase. Again, lack of tracking and low conversion.


After each show, you can communicate in a personalized way with customers who have not completed their purchase, reminding them of the products shown at the show, the best sellers or the ones they liked the most, as well as offering them exclusive benefits.

If your client decided not to buy, you will be able to facilitate their future purchase with an automatic email showcasing the products shown, personalized discounts that you want to offer, … or whatever you want to convey to them!

Finally, you will be the owner of communication with your clients.

Honestly, we have created ONLIVE.SITE with the goal of making things easier for you. It’s a platform that is very easy to use, well-built, and fun so that you and your team can focus on what you do best: SELLING

Click here and book your DEMO with our team

You can offer the experience of buying in a physical store to your customers in two ways

  • Opening your own physical stores, with an annual cost of more than €100,000 per location with a limited geographic impact.
  • Developing live video shopping technology on your own, with a team of engineers familiar with the sector at an annual cost of more than one million euros.

Or you can contract ONLIVE.SITE at a very low cost, paying a small monthly license fee for the use of the platform.

All you need to do is to make a demo so you can see how simple and intuitive ONLIVE.SITE is, and start selling in a matter of hours.

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your DEMO with our team


Elisabeth F.

e-commerce CEO


We recommend shows between 30 minutes and an hour maximum. Studies show that attention span is drastically reduced after more than 50 minutes. With this duration you will allow your audience to join the session and enjoy your show.

Within the show you can interact with your audience through the chat and you can even invite one of your viewers to participate as a guest on the show. Spectators can also participate in the show by requesting through the platform. is not a social network.

Onlive is a sales channel.

It is not necessary for customers to register so any resistance to participating in your shows is reduced to a minimum.

The price of Onlive consists of 3 blocks: integration, monthly or annual license fee, and commission for sales or payment for use according to the chosen modality.

You can decide on a rate without limits on the number of shows or spectators in which you pay a license fee and your use of the bandwidth.
We also have a flat rate that includes 4 hours of shows per month, and you can purchase as many extra hours as you need.

Tell us about your situation, and we will send you an offer tailored to your needs.

Onlive uses the checkout on your online store, and integrates it directly into the session so that the customer experience is simple and intuitive, multiplying the conversion. Ultimately, your client will make the payment online, but will actually be using your online store.

The «when» depends on the brand. The best day and time to host a show varies depending on the audience. We recommend analyzing your audience’s interaction metrics on different social networks to decide on the best time.

Regarding the frequency, we recommending starting with 30-60 minutes of show per week. Consistency is key to success, so schedule one day and one hour each week for your show, as if it were a television program.

Yes, both the viewers of the show, as well as the host who’s presenting, can be connected from any mobile phone. For the show adminstrator, it’s necessary to connect from a computer to guarantee a high quality and stable show.

Yes, full HD recording (720p) and storage of the recordings for 1 year is included, so that you can select and edit pieces to use in campaigns, on the web, etc.

A One-to-One session is a sales session, which can be done with up to 3 people, where a salesperson presents products of interest to the customer. In this case the session would be closed. It is a way to transform a «physical» sales experience into an online one.

The One-to-One or One-to-One Video Shopping sessions are highly recommended for high-value products that usually need to be shown or explained to complete their sale: Furniture, luxury, cosmetics, etc.

The show «One to Many» is a live broadcast to many users, where a host or presenter presents a series of products or services, and a group of users is watching the show as a TV program from home, being able to buy anything that is shown.
The host can interact with the audience through the chat, surveys, games or by inviting some of his or her viewers to join the live.

We recommend having an established regularity to host your shows. This way, you will make it easier for your audience to know when you are going to broadcast and you will make it easier for them to organize their schedules to participate in your shows.

From ONLIVE we recommend a minimum of one show per week of about 30-60 minutes in length.

No, ONLIVE integrates with your CMS. You will have all your content accessible with a single click.
If you don’t have an online store, contact us and we will review your case.

Yes, Onlive is so simple and intuitive that you can host the show yourself in a matter of minutes. You can also hire an influencer to generate better engagement with your audience.

From Onlive we recommend going with micro influencers who specialize in very specific sectors and who have great communication skills.

There is no limit to the number of users to whom you can broadcast live. We recommend that you look at our plans and prices to see which plan suit you best.

Yes, with the purchase of any of the licenses, you will have an onboarding session on how to use the tool and the most important tips for how to put on a good show. You will also have personalized assistance via email.

It’s not necessary to invest in campaigns to promote your live show, although it can help you get traffic. You can promote your show using your RRSS where your audience follows you, as well as the newsletter.

It is important to generate good videos and images that explain what you are going to do, when, how, and the purpose…at least at the beginning, until your clients get used to your shows.

Make at least 2-3 stories before the event on multiple days, and several posts on your feed. On the day of the event, post the link on your social networks.

We can integrate with any e-commerce platform. We currently have integration with the main ones: Prestashop, Tiendanube, Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, etc.
Do not hesitate to message us about your situation and needs, and we will send you a personalized proposal to integrate with your online store.

Yes, we have a re-streaming service on the main social networks: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, etc. For more information about the cost and contracting visit our plans and prices.

In the show One-to-Many we distinguish three roles:

– The event administrator manages all aspects of the show such as the chat, products, audiovisual resources, etc., but does not appear live–like the director in a TV program.

– The host, who leads the event, has the same permissions as the administrator, although his/her role is to focus on engaging the audience and selling products.

– And finally, the guest or guests to the show, who can go live with the host or during it. The guests do not have any type of permission, this role could be filled by an influencer that represents the brand or someone from the public who wanted to be invited.

In our starter plan you can have one participant with a camera at the same time.
If you need to have more cameras o multi-guest, please tell us about your situation, and we will send you an offer tailored to your needs.

Of course, request your demo and we will offer you an offer that suits your needs.