Tips for Boosting Live Shopping Sales

Live shopping can drive customer engagement in a completely novel way. But taking that step into this medium of reaching audiences does require a bit of a learning curve. Not only are there technical factors to figure out, but it requires a method to presenting products quite different from traditional sales methods. For all those who are new to live shopping, Onlive has put together three key tips for boosting live shopping sales whether you are new or a veteran.

Tips for Boosting Live Shopping Sales

In our opinion, each of these three tips is about equal in importance. So while they are listed in numerical order, it doesn’t matter. We recommend thinking of this as more of a checklist rather than a ranking.

1: Show Your Brand’s Quality

You might think we are talking about showing the quality of your brand’s products, but that isn’t the case. In most case, showing off how cool your brand’s items are is pretty straightforward. For this tip, we are talking about other ways for your brand to show off its quality, to demonstrate to your customers that your brand is one worth sticking with.

When it comes to livestream shopping, the best way to do this is summarized by a single phrase: look good. From the clothing of your brand’s face to the environment the stream takes place in, everything should look clean, sharp, and stylish. Now, what this means is up to your brand and depends on the audience you are trying to reach. So, knowing your audience and their preferences is going to be crucial. But once you know this, be ready to invest in matching your audience’s preferred aesthetic and taste. Whether that is dropping some extra cash on furniture for the stream, or decking out your live shopping streamer in a tasteful outfit.

2: Be Honest With Your Audience

This isn’t about truth or lies. Rather, this tip is about being real with your audience. While performance will always be a key factor in a good live shopping video, audiences can sniff out someone who doesn’t believe in your products. Hiring promoters or even celebrities can be clutch for your stream, but choose them wisely. Pick people who will be just as excited about your brand as you are, not spokespeople who simply read from a script with a fake smile. In short, paid promoters can be a strong option for your brand, but choose them wisely.

3: Be Pushy, But Not Too Pushy

Having calls to action is crucial to locking in conversions. However, having too many moments of telling clients to “buy this now” or “get yours today” can certainly be offputting. Few people like being told what to do, and will often turn away if someone is too pushy.

Think about a salesperson in a physical retail store. If they are constantly hovering beside you encouraging you to buy something, you might prefer simply to leave and look elsewhere. The same principle applies to live shopping. This is again a matter of knowing your audience and the level of encouragement they need in order to turn from a lead to a conversion. Examine the data from your streams and see what the ideal number is for your brand and its audience.

Bonus Tip: Have the Right Software

Choosing the right live shopping software is always going to be a crucial matter for your brand. Without the right system, your live shopping experience can be bogged down with technical difficulties and inconvenient integration. Onlive has neither of those, and is designed to be seamless for your brand from day one. Contact us today to get started with a free personal demo to see how our software can take your brand to the next level.

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