The evolution of digital marketing for pharmacies

Live shopping: a highly effective solution for pharmaceutical marketing

Marketing and sales strategies for the pharmaceutical industry have always required a significant degree of specialisation. They not only require the product to be communicated to end users but also work to be actively undertaken with the distribution sector and medical professionals who act as consumer motivators for drugs. Hence why medical visits have always played such an important role in the pharmaceutical industry. This professional group was heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic after their activity was severely restricted. However, the popularisation of medical consultation via streaming services has also opened the door to medical visitors, who can now present and explain all the characteristics of a drug via Live Shopping. They can also harness all the interaction possibilities this service offers: real-time download of vade mecums and clinical or pharmacological studies and publications in scientific journals; requests for the delivery of samples to the clinic; time-limited offers and discounts; testimonials from third parties; etc. If you are engaged in the pharmaceutical industry, our white paper contains everything you need to know about live shopping: from its origins to the most recent data, including the various formats and major success stories.

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