7 Streaming Accessories that You Should Know About

Streaming doesn’t require much in and of itself. In theory, you could just grab your phone and connect to your favorite social media app to start live streaming to your followers. With that said, it’s not the same thing to run a decent stream as it is to engage with your audience by offering high-quality, interactive content! And that’s where streaming accessories can make all the difference. What are the best streaming accessories for live streaming? Which ones should be considered necessary and which ones are just nice to have? Here’s all you need to know.

1. A Streaming Camera (or even your phone!) – THE Must-Have Streaming Accessory

As streaming accessories go, this is probably the only one you absolutely can’t do without… Your choice will depend on whether you wish to do everything from the same device or if you want maximum control over every aspect of video-making. 

If you’re looking for a plug-and-play solution that will allow you to start live streaming at the drop of a hat, then a good smartphone will be your best bet. These also tend to offer good-quality images even with poor lighting conditions and are quite easy to operate.

If you’re streaming from behind your computer, then a high-quality webcam may be the ideal way to capture your video. Some even have an acceptable built-in mic and ring light. While this isn’t as portable a solution as a smartphone since it does need to be connected to a computer in order to function, it is both a convenient and inexpensive alternative.

You could also use a traditional camera. If you choose that route, note that you will require more accessories for live streaming, but that it will give you the ability to truly select your equipment based on your needs and preference.

2. A Streaming Microphone

Good-quality audio is crucial, which is why it is recommended to invest in a streaming mic rather than to use an integrated mic for streaming.

Some streaming microphones are designed to be fitted to a headset (or are part of one). You could also opt for a standing mic or a shotgun mic, which will give you optimal audio quality. If you’re likely to move around as you stream, go for a clip-on mic instead.

Choose a model that can be muted easily and puts out high-fidelity audio.

3. Lights for Streaming

Using the right lights for your streaming setup can be just as important as filming with a good-quality camera or making sure the audio comes out crisp and clear. Lighting conditions have a huge influence on how well your camera performs. Beyond the quality of the light, any change in ambient luminosity – even a cloud passing by on a sunny day – will throw off your settings. And even with the best light sensors and automated features, the viewing experience will be altered, which is why artificial lighting is often best. You should make sure the light is directly pointed at you, not too far away, and not overly bright either.

A good lamp is one of those streaming accessories you didn’t know you needed until you got one. Most content creators now opt for LED bar lights or ring lights. These models are powerful and offer a wide range of brightness settings, all while remaining relatively portable.

4. A Router

Unless you decide to use your phone’s 4G or 5G connection, you’re going to need a router. More than a streaming accessory, your router literally gives you access to the Internet, and the amount of bandwidth you receive greatly depends on how reliable the device is. You’ll want one with a solid signal that isn’t prone to dropping unexpectedly.

Speaking of the signal, how you connect to your router does make a difference. When using WiFi, the closer your computer is to the router, the better. It should be amply sufficient for your streaming needs, though it’s worth noting that a wired connection will always be faster and more reliable.

5. Acoustic Panels

Without going as far as to stream from a completely soundproof room, attenuating the reverberation of the sound can do a lot to improve the audio quality of your video content. Some panels are designed to be fitted to the walls while others are adjustable and can be fitted to a stand, allowing you to customize your acoustic insulation to your liking.

6. A Stream Deck

While this is one of the most prominent accessories for live streaming in the gaming community, a stream deck can be a convenient addition to any streaming setup. This device plugs into your computer and allows you to program buttons and turn them into shortcuts that will execute any commands you choose. It’s a wonderful productivity tool that can greatly benefit non-gamers who want quick access to various apps and files. It will give you the ability to switch seamlessly between tasks, to turn video and audio inputs on and off, etc.

If a full stream deck seems like too much of an investment for your actual needs, you could consider a configurable macro pad, or even a mobile app.

7. The Right Streaming Platform

The streaming platform you use to broadcast your live content can be deemed a streaming accessory in its own right. Live embedding, social media integration, real-time analytics, privacy control… Think about which features are an absolute must for you, and which would simply be a nice bonus.

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