Live shopping in the real estate sector

Home, sweet home - live and direct with live shopping technology

The emotional and economic impact from the decision to buy a property for private or professional use is especially strong on any client. Hence why customer service and advice from a professional agent in the real estate sector throughout the process is also essential. A personal and personalised service makes all the difference when closing a deal and answering all the questions that arise until the very end. The real estate market was one of the first to benefit from the advantages of video marketing by including this format for better showing all the features of a property before and after an in-person visit. The interactivity options are now being multiplied with Live Shopping: download of technical data sheets and specifications; additional videos for showing not only the property itself but also its location and surroundings; the chance to organise online auctions; or offer much more personal and professional agent-client communication. These are just some of the advantages brought by this format to the real estate industry. If you are engaged in the real estate industry, our white paper contains everything you need to know about live shopping: from its origins to the most recent data, including the various formats and major success stories.

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