Live shopping at marketing agencies

Live shopping: the technology that lets agencies open a new line of business and expand the services they offer to brands

In a digital era that moves at breakneck speed, marketing and communication agencies need to stay on top of the latest trends, products and changes in consumption habits in order to offer a better service to their clients. However, not all the latest innovations stick around nor offer digital marketing agencies the option to create specialised units capable of bringing new lines of revenue to the business and tipping the balance in favour of brands and advertisers instead of the platform or social media in vogue at any given moment. In short, Live Shopping is a game-changer technology for both the marketing and communication consultancy firm and agency sector, as well as for the brands they work with. It represents a unique opportunity to complement their service portfolio and to specialise in a format with extremely fast growth rates that combines performance with engagement, video marketing and content creation. If you are wondering how to distinguish your agency’s service portfolio, our white paper contains everything you need to know about live shopping: from its origins to the most recent data, including the various formats and major success stories.

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