How Live Shopping Can Drive Sales Holiday 2021

As the holidays approach, it is no secret that customers will be ready to spend big on gifts and more gifts. While most companies do see an increase in sales during this time, many miss out on the true potential this season provides to drive brand growth and awareness. Discounts, sales, and other gimmicks can provide some boost. But all signs point to how live shopping can drive sales holiday 2021.

Getting on board with live shopping by the holiday season could be a pivotal moment in your brand’s growth trajectory. No other season holds as much potential for growth, but it also comes with steep competition. To make the most of this time, it is vital to understand e-commerce trends and see which way the wind is blowing.

What Is Live Shopping

Combine shopping and livestreaming along with all its interaction, and that’s live shopping. For those old enough to remember, think QVC. But stylish where QVC was gaudy, fresh where QVC was stale, and convenient where QVC was bogged down with dialing phone numbers and waits. In other words, live shopping is an experience made for the modern world and the modern consumer.

It is interactive content where the viewers not only can learn about products, but can make instant purchases of those products without a single thread of hassle. In practice, it is an increasingly popular way to not only drive conversions and sales, but to build brand loyalty and awareness through a personal touch.

Readying Your Shop for the Holiday Season

Brands live and die by their social media presence. With this in mind, one of the biggest and best ways to prepare your brand for the holiday season is to liven up your social media. For many brands, this means everything from keeping photos up to date while also ensuring your product catalog is accurate and updated. Any hiccups or hassles that customers might come across need to be ironed out and streamlined as much as possible.

That’s why choosing the right live shopping software and platform is such a crucial decision. The right one can not only help you further engage existing buyers but expand brand awareness.

Why Start Live Shopping Holiday 2021

The holiday season especially is a time when people want to make connections, and live shopping opens that opportunity for your brand. Suddenly your brand is no longer an ad to swipe past or a prerecorded, scripted video. Instead, it becomes a live and organic process, an experience that establishes a stronger brand awareness while boosting customer engagement on multiple levels.

Taking the leap to try live shopping is easier than ever when you choose the right platform. Onlive works closely with brands to fully integrate their platform into the live shopping experience, requiring no technical effort on the brand’s part. Making the most of livestream shopping is easier than you might think and comes with benefits you can only imagine.

Live Shopping Checklist for the Holiday Season

If you are ready to let live shopping drive sales holiday 2021, we have put together a quick checklist to get you started.

  • Choose your platform: Onlive is an ideal platform for those wanting to try social retail and live shopping. It takes away all the hassle and lets you do what you do best.
  • Choose your tech and equipment: From cameras to mics and tripods, it is vital to have the right equipment to deliver a high-quality stream.
  • Do practice and test runs: Nothing can shut down live shopping faster than technical difficulties. Test runs can help you get comfortable and troubleshoot anything beforehand.
  • Be ready to engage: Learn the ropes of engaging a live audience, such as responding to chat, answering questions, and setting the mood.

Live shopping can drive sales holiday 2021 like never before, but time is running out to get started in time. Contact Onlive today to get a free demo of our software and take the first step in building your brand upward this holiday season.

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